CBD Wholesale Pricing

If you own a business and would like CBD products featured and available in your own storefront or online  in what we call “white label” (you design your own brand and label yourself)  please contact us about getting a wholesale account.   We would love to work with you!  Lab results included!

Wholesale Hemp Derived CBD Products

Established in 2018, I have been involved in leading supplier of top quality hemp derived CBD products. We also wholesale the formulated CBD oil and 99+% CBD isolate that we produce at our facility.

Complete the wholesaler form below. Once we receive your contact information we will follow-up with the documents required to complete and return. Once we receive your paperwork we will send you the wholesale product/pricing sheet. It is required for you to submit a copy of your Federal Tax ID # (EIN #) and your state’s reseller certificate and number. You can also call us directly (270) 339-0386 for more information.