Chewing Food Until It Becomes Liquid

How much are you actually chewing the food you put in your mouth? Are you sure you aren’t just chewing a little and swallowing the rest whole?

If you’re not sure, then you should start now. Just by paying more attention to the way you eat, chewing your food more than usual, can benefit your diet and help you lose weight, slim down your face, and live a healthier lifestyle.  Let’s take a look what you’re missing out on.

Chewing your food better allows you get full while eating less.  Click here for my complete guide to chewing!

 How to Chew Guide from Health Coach Melissa Phillips

While chewing your food, your body excrete saliva. This saliva breaks your food down into sugars. Then, the sugar broken down by your saliva can then be absorbed by your body,entering your blood stream increasing your blood sugar even before you swallow your food. In effect, this fires up organs signaling your body that it is full.

Taking your time chewing your food allows your body to signal that it is full, which prevents you from overeating.

Conversely, when you don’t chew you food enough, breaking down food into sugar takes more time which results in a delayed response from your body telling you that you are full.  As a result, you become more prone to overeating.

Just by chewing your food a little more than usual can it be possible to eat less and feel fuller after eating. So, the next time you find your self sitting and asking yourself if you are eating too much, take your time and think about it, chewing your food. After giving it some thought the answer will surely come to you. PRACTICE AWARENESS

Religiously chew your food no matter how small.
You should have to count how many times you chew your food. (30 TIMES OR UNTIL IT BECOMES LIQUID)

By swallowing you food whole, not only are you missing out in flavor, you are missing out on the whole world of medical benefits chewing has to offer.

The benefits you get out of chewing your food are not limited to preventing you from overeating. The following are medical benefits you get also.
Fight off cancer
Cavity prevention
Resistance to Alzheimer
Stress relief