“Over this past year, my family and I have made some major changes. And I want to thank Melissa Phillips for helping me through all the changes.

When I met Melissa I was overwhelmed and stressed, I had gained 35 pounds in about a 6 month period, I was exhausted and I was emotionally, physically and spiritually unhealthy. 

I was stuck and needed to make some major decisions to get unstuck but I didn’t know where to even start
When I started the 90 day health journey with Melissa, there was no way I thought I would be as happy and free as I am now
The program is amazing and helps with more than weight loss,it helped me have enough faith to make those scary decisions I had to make!
Melissa is one of the most easiest people to talk to, she truly listens to what you’re saying while also teaching and training her own life experiences into the program.

This program will get you to the place in your life where you only DREAMED of or talked about doing
I am so grateful I found Melissa and this program when I did
It bothers me to think about what shape my life would be in, have I not went through this journey when I did.

Before the journey, I could not see myself as a healthy happy person
Now I look forward to tomorrow because I now know dreams DO come true,God DOES have a specific purpose,and you WILL see that plan unfold on this journey!
From the outside, my life seems very normal but before this journey,my soul and mind was in a mess,now I have the tools and the plan to tackle anything that tries to rob my happiness!

If you need any type of change in your life and feel stuck, this program WILL help you overcome those obstacles that are in the way
The cool thing for me was,I didn’t have to work up a lot of discipline to see changes, I just followed the weekly plan and the changes started happening!!!

Again,a big THANK YOU to my friend Melissa for helping me gain resources that I can use the rest of my life!
And thank you for being an amazing person!”

Holly M.

“I recommend this program for someone who is serious about losing weight!

Melissa gave me the insight I needed about the food I was putting in my body and how it was negatively affecting me.  Then she introduced me to foods that I actually needed to positively affect me.  If you slip up in any area, she isn’t hard on you.  She is an encourager instead of a Judge.  You can also apply what this program has to offer into other areas of your life.”

D’Angelo S.



I found the detox to be very rewarding. I had a major goal to have more mental clarity and it didn’t take long for me to achieve that first goal.

My 14 year old daughter and I both completed the detox and we both stated multiple times how great we felt. One of the things I learned going through it was that it would take time meal prepping as I work full time. I have very little time as a matter of fact to give to other things in life. So I was as you can imagine, concerned with this aspect, but through my counseling sessions it became very apparent that I was going to give myself to something every night anyway. Maybe it was watching a little tv to unwind. But when I changed my perspective to enjoy that time in the kitchen with my daughter, I was no longer skeptical about meal prepping and came to enjoy it. I also learned that how I do one thing in life is how I will do other things. At 42 years old, I am constantly learning how to be a better version of myself so that I can bless others and my family.


I can tell you that this detox far Exceeded my expectations and I one very practical nugget I took away was how much added sugar I can tolerate in a day. I plan on taking this sugar avoidance with me into the new year!

Amy D.


The 7 Day Sugar Detox helped me to refocus and get back on track with my Ketogenic way of eating. In 2017 I had quite a few ups, downs and start overs.

Lisa H.


The best part was the constant feeling of having energy. No blah letdowns. No head aches. I felt that I could think clearly again. I’m so adjusting my day to day intake because of this. Sodas are gone and I’m reading that label before I eat stuff from here on out.

Melissa is such a professional. During my 7 day sugar detox I lost 14 lbs! My greatest aha, was realizing that sugar is in everything and if I read the labels and watch my intake I felt great physically and emotionally.

Heath L.


The program was filled with interesting facts that puts things in perspective. It was easier to stick to what I needed to do when knowing those facts.

Elizabeth F.


I needed an anchor point as I go through the day fighting off sugar cravings as well as drinking water.

Holly J.